Immersion Corporation Inc. (IMMR) stock rises during current market trading. Let’s find out why?

AGI Stock
AGI Stock

Immersion Corporation Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMR) stock gain by 4.28% in the current market trading. Immersion Corporation is a pioneer in the field of haptics, or touch feedback technology. By delivering technological solutions for mobile, automotive, gaming, and consumer electronics, IMMR invents, optimizes, and expands haptic experiences.

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What’s happening with IMMR stock?

Immersion Corporation has struck a license deal with TITAN Haptics to make Immersion haptic patent licenses accessible to mobile phone and wearable OEMs that use TITAN’s actuators.

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Linear Magnetic Ram (LMR) is a breakthrough new actuator technology created by TITAN Haptics, located in Canada that delivers new experiences and possibilities in a number of sectors. The LMR motors from TITAN Haptics deliver strong, broad haptic feedback in a small package with only one internal moving element. In gaming, music, and other multimedia applications, LMR motors are perfect for producing a variety of haptic sensations. They may also use impact haptics on the edges of smartphones to produce genuine button clicks, allowing OEMs to add reprogrammable virtual buttons without sacrificing tactile feel.

Mobile phone and wearable OEMs that purchase specific TITAN Haptics actuators will have entry to Immersion’s haptic patent portfolio under the terms of the agreement. This arrangement increases Immersion’s component partners’ presence by providing a channel license for China and other worldwide markets.

Official Statements

Tim Szeto, CEO, TITAN Haptics stated,

They’re pleased to work with Immersion to give their actuator customers with better accessibility to its world-class haptics patent portfolio. Their current partnership with Immersion to create industry standards and scale the usage of sophisticated haptics in mobile devices is being expanded with this arrangement.

Chris Ulrich, CTO, IMMR stock commented,

TITAN’s Linear Magnetic Ram technology offers a new approach in high-definition haptic input, and they look forward to assisting TITAN in bringing this technology to mobile devices. They’re excited to team up with TITAN Haptics to make things easier for mobile phone OEMs, particularly those in China, to obtain access to their cutting-edge haptic patent portfolio.


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