Why Did The Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) Stock Jumped In The After-Hour Trades?

Shares of Aligos Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ALGS) were up 3.03% at $1.02 as of the most recent check in after-hours trading, indicating that the firm is on track to conduct a clinical study. What trial is ALGS moving forward with effectively? In its most recent press release, Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) said that it is still […]

Here is why Aligos Therapeutics Inc. (ALGS) stock plunged on Monday?

Aligos Therapeutics Inc. (ALGS) shares lost 7.37% in after-hours on Monday, June 28, 2021, and closed at $22.00 per share. Earlier in the morning session, ALGS’s stock lost -11.35% to close Monday’s session at $23.75 per share. ALGS shares have N moved down 11.84% in the past week. Over the past three months, the stock […]