Why Did The Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) Stock Jumped In The After-Hour Trades?

Shares of Aligos Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: ALGS) were up 3.03% at $1.02 as of the most recent check in after-hours trading, indicating that the firm is on track to conduct a clinical study.

What trial is ALGS moving forward with effectively?

In its most recent press release, Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) said that it is still on schedule to finish all Phase 2-enabling activities for ALG-055009, its thyroid hormone receptor beta (THR-ß) therapeutic candidate for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, in 2023. (NASH).

The preliminary Phase 1 clinical finding show that ALG-055009 is favorably distinct from leading THR-ß medication candidates like resmetirom. ALG-055009’s dose-proportional pharmacokinetics (PK) and low variability suggest that, as compared to other THR-ß medications, ALG-055009 exposures may be more predictable and consistent across a range of patient demographics.

In turn, this could lead to more constant and possibly stronger pharmacodynamic effects. ALG-055009’s future Phase 2 trial will be crucial in determining the range of this molecule’s action. During its presentation at the next JP Morgan conference in San Francisco, ALGS will go into more detail about this as well as the remainder of the ITS pipeline.

On January 12, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. PT, during the 41st Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, ALGS CEO will provide a company update and go through ALGS’ full pipeline, including ALG-055009, the coronavirus protease inhibitor ALG-097558, and its hepatitis B portfolio.

ALGS reported the start of the dose

In a recent article, ALGS said that in Study ALG-125755-501, participants with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) began receiving doses of ALG-125755, a small interfering RNA (siRNA) that targets the production of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). Drugs that target the synthesis of HBsAg using siRNA have typically been well tolerated and have consistently reduced HBsAg levels, showing promise as a cornerstone treatment for the functional cure of CHB.

What other initiatives is ALGS planning?

In order to choose a dosing regimen to move forward into combination trials, Aligos Therapeutics (ALGS) intends to assess additional CHB cohorts getting either one or several doses of ALG-125755 during the upcoming year. Additionally, ALGS intends to provide any study findings on CHB sufferers and healthy volunteers at academic conferences during 2023.

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