Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ADIL) stock gains during after-hour session. Here’s to know why?

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Adial Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ADIL) stock gained by 4.2% at last close while the ADIL stock price surged by 0.37% in the after-hours trading session. Adial Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical firm that specializes in the production of therapies for addiction problems.

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Current Update

Adial Pharmaceuticals recently revealed progress on its adenosine analog research platform, which is being developed by Purnovate, an Adial Pharmaceuticals business.

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Important Findings

  • Compounds that are strong against particular adenosine receptors while being specific over the adenosine A1 receptor, which is believed to have cardiovascular and central nervous system effects that can be troublesome for many therapeutic purposes, have been discovered. When selectivity over the A1 receptor has been established in the past, water solubility has reduced, making effective tissue distribution in the human body (which is mostly water) difficult to obtain and drug development difficult or impossible.
  • It has been proven that this selective adenosine molecule has a solubility that is more than 50 times higher than other recognized selective adenosine compounds of the same class.
  • Because oral administration (e.g., tablets) appears to have excellent oral bioavailability, oral administration (e.g., tablets) is likely to be one of the choices for dosing these substances.
  • The chemicals appear to be pharmacologically active based on preliminary animal investigations.
  • A significant decrease in pain has been observed in vivo with a number of drugs (rodents).
  • All of the substances that have been examined appear to be synergistic with morphine.
  • Certain high-solubility chemicals appear to be synergistic with acetaminophen (Tylenol).
  • Purnovate is forming collaborations in order to test its chemicals in asthma, cancer, and inflammatory models, with the goal of licensing successful products or developing partnerships.

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Dr. Robert D. Thompson, Adial’s Vice President, Chemistry, stated,

The newest preclinical findings on their adenosine platform as a possible pain reduction treatment give them a lot of hope. Based on these findings, they are moving forward with the development of their compounds to see if they have wide implications as an opioid replacement treatment or, when used in combination, as a means to enable reduced opioid dosage administration.


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