ChannelAdvisor Corporation (ECOM) Introduced A Comprehensive, Multi-Channel Solution for Brands

ChannelAdvisor Corporation (ECOM) recently launched a comprehensive suite of multi-channel solutions dubbed as “Shoppable Media” designed for businesses to efficiently reach purchase-ready consumers.

ChannelAdvisor is a provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that helps brands and retailers to increase their sales globally. The newly released solution will enable brands to deliver seamless shopping experience to buyers looking for product offerings of that brand whether on its website, email, social media or digital ads. The solution will make use of actionable analytics to assist businesses in making decisions to demonstrate stronger performances online.

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In an e-commerce environment that is more volatile than ever before, ChannelAdvisor will remain supporting brands and retailers transforming digitally, said Steve Frechette, ChannelAdvisor’s Vice President of Product Management. Shoppable Media will help brands in connecting their customers with different purchase options whether on the website of that brand or available within the digital media.

O’Cedar is a leading provider of household cleaning products and it appreciated the efforts of ChannelAdvisor for helping its brand to introduce consumers with more options of purchasing online. We at O’Cedar personally saw consumer trend quickly shifting towards the e-commerce because of the COVID-19, which also surged the demand of our home cleaning products, said Fiona Odumosu, company’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager. Collaboration with ChannelAdvisor provided O’Cedar’s website with an important medium to redirect customers to our retail partners enabling them to find our products as per their requirements, she added. Tools in the newly released Shoppable Media are helpful for us to provide customers with more convenience when they will be looking for our home cleanings products online.

ChannelAdvisor has also added supporting tools for new retail dropship connections as well as for third-party marketplaces, Frechette added. The company through new release also smoothen several operations including maximizing efficiency in the order pipeline, managing under-process deals, and monitoring strength of channel integrations.

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