Is There Any Reason As To Why The BIGG Digital (BBKCF) Stock Expanded By 30%?

AMD Stock

A share of BIGG Digital Assets Inc (OTCQX: BBKCF) rose 30.78 at yesterday’s close, to $1.4670. There was an increase in volume of BIGG stock from 8.94M on the day in contrast with its Average Weekly Volume of 6.20M. BBKCF stock gained after announcing a corporate update. What were the updates? BIGG Digital Assets invests […]

Why Did The IJJP Stock Rise By 44%?

The stock of IJJ Corp [OTCPink:IJJP] surged 44.44% to $0.0052 at the previous close. Volume for IJJ Corp stock was 134.16M versus the 30-day average of 25.98M. Value of IJJP stock remained in the range from $0.0001 to $0.0080 over the last 52 weeks. Since the IJJP stock rose without current news, there may be […]

What Has The Tianrong (TNMD) Stock Done To Appreciate Nearly 54%?


During Friday’s trading session, Tianrong Medical Group, Inc. (OTCPink: TNMD) shares rose 53.65%, touching a low of $0.4001 and a high of $0.6999. In the session, Tianrong Medical stock exchanged hands for 4,605 shares, representing a decline of -659.31% on average volume of 30,866 shares. TNMD stock closed the trading session at $0.59. TNMD stock […]

What Is It Driving Chemomab (CMMB) Stock Up In Early Trades Today?

Chemomab Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CMMB) has soared the charts this morning, up 8.17% at the time of the last check to trade at $21.47. Yesterday, Chemomab stock closed at $19.85. There were 143K shares traded for CMMB stock, versus a volume average of 296.96K shares from the past three months. Over the course of the day, the […]

How Come Orgenesis (ORGS) Stock Is Soaring In Premarket Today?

The global biotech company working to unlock the full potential of cell and gene therapies (CGTs), Orgenesis Inc. (NASDAQ: ORGS) shares rose 25.49% to $5.71 in premarket trading at last check. The Orgenesis stock increased 1.56% to $4.55 on Thursday’s trading session. In total, 3.03 million shares of ORGS stock were traded versus an average […]

What Is The Reason For GreenBox (GBOX) Stock Rallying In Pre-Market?


In premarket trading hours, GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX) rose 5.34% to $11.24 on the last check Thursday. GreenBox stock gained 1.81% to close at $10.67 in the last trading session. The GBOX stock ranged between $10.21 and $10.85. GBOX stock has been rising on a number of new developments reported yesterday. Recent developments: Emerging financial […]

What Is Raising The Genasys (GNSS) Stock In Early Trades Today?


Shares of the global leader in critical communications systems and solutions Genasys Inc. (NASDAQ:GNSS) have gained 3.57% to $6.10 in early trades this morning. Genasys stock finished last trading session at $5.89, down by -3.92%. The GNSS stock traded 130,074 shares, compared to its average daily volume of 141,280 shares. In addition to the successful […]

What Is Getting Alteryx (AYX) Stock To Soar In Premarket Trades?

EBIX Stock

The shares of Alteryx Inc. (AYX) rose 7.42% to trade at $82.06 in premarket trading at last check. To close Tuesday’s trading session at $76.39, AYX stock lost -3.44%. The AYX stock has dropped -41.02% in the past three months, while over the past week, it shed -11.64%. AYX stock soared following the publication of […]

Why Do Pre-Hours Trades Appear To Be Falling For MeaTech (MITC) Stock?


At last check, MeaTech 3D Ltd. (NASDAQ: MITC) shares were trading at $7.65, down -6.36%. MeaTech stock closed Monday’s session at $8.17, down -5.22%. The MITC stock volume was 49814.0 shares, which was below the average daily volume for the last 50 days of 171,471 shares. There are 12.31 million shares outstanding of MeaTech stock […]

What Boosted The Amphastar (AMPH) Stock In Pre-Hour Trades?

AMD Stock

Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: AMPH) shares are trading at $17.98 in premarket session, rising 3.33 percent. During Friday’s trading, shares of Amphastar stock dropped -0.97% to close at $17.40. The volume of AMPH stock was 0.14 million shares, which was lower than the 0.2 million average daily volume of the last 50 days. Because of […]