Stock Momentum Builds For WiSA Technologies (WISA)

The current trading session is witnessing a significant surge in the stock of WiSA Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WISA). Presently, WiSA shares reflect a notable increase of 96.57%, soaring to $3.44. This uptick in WISA share value follows a strategic licensing maneuver.

WiSA Association, a subsidiary of WiSA Technologies (WISA), announced today the execution of its fourth 5-year WiSA E licensing agreement with a prominent HDTV/PTV (Projection TV) brand. This licensing accord empowers the brand to seamlessly integrate WiSA E software into its product line, thus providing consumers with a diverse array of wireless immersive audio options, including full interoperability with any WiSA E-enabled speakers from numerous WiSA Association speaker brands.

This development underscores another significant endorsement from a leading HDTV brand regarding the efficacy of the company’s WiSA E technology and its licensing framework for market penetration. With the enlistment of four major TV brands, the market unequivocally validates both our technological prowess and WiSA Technologies’ vision of facilitating every immersive audio source device with cost-effective capabilities to furnish consumers with high-quality, interoperable wireless audio experiences.

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to spearheading a new era of audio technology aimed at delivering premium immersive audio experiences driven by the escalating demand for exceptional wireless audio solutions. WiSA E comprises a comprehensive suite of audio features that delineate the optimal audio experience across a spectrum of devices, encompassing HDTVs, PTVs, soundbars, mobile devices, set-top boxes, and speakers.

WiSA E can be seamlessly integrated across four HDTV SoC providers, including Realtek, Amlogic, Mediatek, and Novatek, ensuring full interoperability with WiSA-E enabled speakers. WiSA Technologies has recently introduced two enhancements to its WiSA E wireless immersive audio software stack, aimed at streamlining integration processes for manufacturers while augmenting functionality. Despite the robustness of the WiSA E software, WiSA Technologies remains committed to exploring novel avenues to enhance functionality and reduce integration costs. These two enhancements facilitate greater ease for WiSA customers to accomplish more with fewer resources, thereby not only enhancing system functionality but also yielding cost and time savings in the market deployment process.

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