Rimini Street (RMNI) Stock Rises On Expanded Support Offering Announcement

Rimini Street, Inc. (NASDAQ: RMNI) is seeing a sharp increase in the pre-market session, with its shares gaining 6.45% to $3.30 from $3.10 in the prior session. The recent introduction of Rimini Custom by Rimini Street, which broadens its support and services to include a larger range of corporate software products and releases, is directly related to the increase in the price of RMNI stock.

Rimini Custom marks a significant development for organizations seeking to allocate their IT resources strategically towards innovation and transformation endeavors, while ensuring the continued functionality of existing enterprise software applications, databases, and technologies.

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Recognizing the constraints faced by organizations in terms of time, resources, and return on investment, Rimini Custom offers a solution that avoids the need for wholesale replacement of established software estates. Clients may optimize their software portfolios and concentrate on activities that boost growth and competitive advantage.

Since its founding in 2005, Rimini Street has developed into a recognized authority on handling challenging IT issues. More than 5,300 clients entrust Rimini Street with their company expansion objectives. Rimini Street has adapted its services to match its strong technical knowledge across many business software platforms, including SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce, in order to support an increasingly varied variety of enterprise software products and versions.

The introduction of Rimini Custom enables software licensees to seek support for virtually any enterprise software product and release from Rimini Street. Particularly noteworthy is Rimini Street’s exceptional support within the SAP ecosystem. With the availability of Rimini Custom, RMNI anticipates exploring further support opportunities with Rimini Street.

Clients opting for Rimini Custom will benefit from Rimini Support, Rimini Manage, and other services that were previously limited to specific vendors, product lines, and releases. As part of Rimini Support’s industry-leading response service level agreements (SLAs), it offers value-added enterprise software management services, including customization support, at no additional cost. This unwavering commitment to client satisfaction has earned Rimini Street an impressive 4.9 rating for client satisfaction on cases and onboarding. Rimini Custom signifies a strategic shift towards managing IT and business processes in an era characterized by rapid technological advancements. By outsourcing commoditized mission-critical systems and prioritizing innovation, organizations can enhance their operational efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

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