3D Systems (DDD): What’s Causing The Stock To Surge

3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) experienced a notable uptrend in the previous session, marking a 15.95% increase to conclude the trading session at $5.38. This surge in the value of 3D Systems stock was spurred by the successful reception of regulatory approval for a pivotal material designated for dental applications.

3D Systems (DDD) this month officially disclosed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had granted 510(k) clearance for its innovative NextDent Base material. Engineered for the fabrication of denture bases supporting artificial teeth in the creation of full or partial removable dentures, NextDent Base has earned approval from Health Canada and bears the CE marking 1639.

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Representing the third generation of 3D Systems’ denture base material for 3D printing, NextDent Base boasts exceptional mechanical properties, including heightened resistance to breakage, as well as precise and reproducible printability. Distinguished as a dental material that aligns seamlessly with conventional denture materials, NextDent Base ensures the production of enduring and impact-resistant dentures for patients.

Furthermore, the material offers a spectrum of four colors to harmonize with the most prevalent gingiva shades, enhancing overall aesthetics. Incorporating NextDent Base into 3D Systems’ digital dental workflow has proven instrumental in advancing levels of speed, productivity, efficiency, and precision, concurrently elevating the overall patient experience.

The growing adoption of 3D printing in prosthodontics is gaining momentum, presenting significant untapped opportunities. According to the findings of 360 Research Reports, the global market size for 3D Printed Dentures exceeded $1 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to surpass $2 billion by 2028.

Leveraging digital workflows such as 3D Systems’ comprehensive digital dentistry solution, which integrates NextDent Base material alongside its cutting-edge NextDent 3D printing technology, establishes a holistic workflow encompassing post-processing to ensure optimal end products.

3D Systems’ NextDent solution empowers dental laboratories and clinics to expedite the production of dental devices, simultaneously minimizing material waste and capital equipment expenditures, and reducing reliance on milling centers. These advantages extend to patients by reducing the time required for prosthodontic production and the number of necessary office visits.

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