Atomera (ATOM) : Stock Surge Driven By A Milestone

Atomera Incorporated (NASDAQ: ATOM) shares experienced a notable uptick of 22.22%, concluding the preceding trading session at $7.15. This surge in Atomera’s stock value correlates with the achievement of a significant milestone.

Atomera (ATOM) has officially announced the attainment of a noteworthy revenue milestone associated with the inaugural license for the commercialization of Mears Silicon TechnologyTM (MST). Through the successful transfer of intellectual property, encompassing the MST film recipe, Atomera has empowered its client to produce MST-enabled wafers within their fabrication facility.

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Following the completion of process qualification and the fulfillment of additional license fees, the customer will be authorized to market and vend MST-enabled products, thereby generating ongoing product royalties. The investment made by Atomera’s clientele in MST serves as a validation of our technological prowess and underscores the broad commercial applications of our intellectual property.

Atomera is particularly sanguine about the infusion of MST into another manufacturing facility, as it not only fosters innovation in the client’s targeted technological domain but also in adjacent realms of development. The hands-on familiarity with MST is poised to organically broaden its adoption, rendering today’s milestone especially gratifying.

In a recent development, Atomera has become an integral part of the Southwest Advanced Prototyping Hub, spearheaded by Arizona State University (ASU). As one of the 27 HUB partners, Atomera aligns with a collective vision to propel the microelectronics requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) stemming from the “Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Act.”

Capitalizing on its existing association with ASU and its inclusion in this groundbreaking innovation hub, Atomera is poised to contribute knowledge and drive advancements that will shape the trajectory of U.S. semiconductor production. Atomera is at the forefront of accelerating the most advanced research globally, redefining the possibilities within semiconductor technology.

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