How Has The ToughBuilt (TBLT) Stock Rise In Current Session?

After adding together all of this year’s fresh debuts, ToughBuilt Industries Inc. (Nasdaq: TBLT) increased 16.67% to $2.31 in the current market on Friday.

What launch announcements has TBLT made?

With more than 200 new SKUs across the worksite equipment, workpieces, measurements and labeling, hitting equipment, leveling, and optical meter, power drill, and long-handle and garden tool categories, ToughBuilt (TBLT) reported that it has been ending a year of historic product releases and accolades.

The world’s first auto-reloading magazine-fed cutting tool, the Reload Utility Knife, made its market debut in Q1 2022. It received overwhelmingly positive reviews, sparked viral discussions across social media, and won the 2022 ProTool Innovation Award as well as the Home Improvement Executive’s Gold Innovation Award for Best Utility Knives.

The ToughBuilt QuickSet Work Bench introduced unparalleled durability and adaptability to the professional workforce in Q2 of 2022. It received a 2022 ProTool Innovation Award, a 2022 Golden Hammer Award from HBS Dealer, and a Gold Innovation Award from Home Improvement Executive.

The innovative 500-ft Laser Leveling Kit from TBLT completely reimagines how 360-degree laser levels work with a simple, first-of-its-kind, three-piece stacking guide rod that enables a rolling laser receiver to gives bracket-free installation and a one-handed interface for quicker operation. ToughBuilt updated the capabilities of worksite leveling by adding a practical 2-in-1 Masonry Level and two sturdy new Extending Box Levels towards the level and laser measuring area.

The new ToughBuilt Folding Pull Saw, the industry’s first folding, dual-edged ryoba type pull saw, with an integrated mechanism that enables the blade to be stowed safely within the saw’s handles, was the first of TBLT’s seven hands saw SKUs to hit the market. Additionally, ToughBuilt unveiled a complete array of striking tools, including the long-awaited ShockStop hammers, which are intended to lessen strain from repetitive hitting and minimize recoil.

How did these SKUs aid TBLT’s expansion?

In response to the rapidly rising professional hand tools market, which is anticipated to reach US $23 billion by the end of 20271, ToughBuilt (TBLT) has expanded its product range. With the addition of these new tools, TBLT expands from 10 to 16 product lines, from 300 to over 500 SKUs. All of these products are now offered for sale through top US home improvement retailers as well as through ToughBuilt’s expanding strategic networks of North American and international trade partners and buying groups, which serve over 17,300 retail locations and online portals worldwide.

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