Why Is The Antelope Enterprise (AEHL) Stock Rocketing 27% In Pre-Hours Trading?

At the time of our last check in the pre-market session today, Antelope Enterprise Holdings Limited (NASD: AEHL) shares were up 27.01%, trading at $0.6250. Despite the paucity of fresh news, examining recent occurrences will help us comprehend the AEHL better.

AEHL, what has previously happened?

This month, Antelope Enterprise (AEHL) reported continuous progress with its strategic objective to expand into new technological sectors, including SaaS+ technology and business services, in order to counteract the difficult market conditions facing its ceramic tile segment. According to information released on September 29, 2022, Antelope Enterprise reported sales of $20.8 million for the first six months of its fiscal year that concluded on June 30, 2022, an increase of 169% over the same period in 2021.

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Additionally, 88% of the Company’s total revenue was attributed to its new technology sectors, including Hainan Kylin Cloud Services Technology Co., Ltd (“Kylin Cloud”), its new SaaS+ platform subsidiary. AEHL implemented its strategic strategy to shift into new technology sectors beginning in fiscal 2020 and hired a new generation of technology specialists to work for the company.

Through its subsidiary Kylin Cloud, it has launched a new SaaS platform that includes SaaS+ technology system services, service management, and business management, including the sale of software usage rights for digital data storage platforms and asset management systems, as well as online streaming platforms, including the development and maintenance of short video, live streaming, and e-commerce platform.

In the upcoming years, AEHL anticipates that China will continue to be the greatest market for this technology and that the social e-commerce, streaming media, short video, and live broadcast sectors there will expand quickly. Due to the ongoing recession in China’s real estate market, AEHL’s legacy ceramic tile company has faced challenging business conditions that have been somewhat offset by the robust expansion and ongoing momentum of its new business model.

How would the new model aid AEHL’s expansion?

The new business model makes use of the SaaS+ system platform from AEHL to support modern consumer and commercial processes. Live streaming, brief video, social commerce, technical system services, business management, and new streaming media are all included in this. The market prospects that these new sectors bring inspired Antelope Enterprise (AEHL), and they are confident that larger breakthroughs may come after recent commercial successes.

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