NextNav (NN) Stock Rose 10%. How Did That Happen?


Following a tactical move, shares of NextNav Inc. (NASD: NN) were up 10.51% to trade at $3.68 in the open market at the time of the latest check.

What action has NN taken?

RadioIP, a pioneer in secure mobile communications, has chosen NextNav (NN), a pioneer in vertical location positioning, to provide mission-critical z-axis location intelligence to its leading VPN solutions.

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Although many operations use mobile apps, many users require options that allow for tracking without being visible to others. By working together, the first responders and security organizations can guarantee personnel are placed safely and securely and that the command has the necessary situational awareness without worrying that their mission will be jeopardized.

RadioIP will be in a position to deliver a new level of efficiency and connection intelligence through the NextNav Pinnacle network, giving end users a safe and location-aware network node that enables accurate tracking without the screen presence of a conventional mobile app. Adding NN’s Pinnacle z-axis service would enable the command to not only know the quality of the connection but also covertly find individuals in difficult urban areas where vertical location is a must-have.

RadioIP’s Armada VPN mobile app presently supports x/y location. Agencies will have a complete view of all location services and network performance when combined with RadioIP’s Synopsis Metrics platform, ensuring that responders are secure and that the connectivity they depend on operates as needed.

It is crucial that communications are protected and, when used in conjunction with NextNav’s z-axis service, end-to-end encrypted, as RadioIP has regularly seen due to location spoofing and the risk it poses to responders.

How NN will move ahead with this collaboration?

As the usage of mobile applications in public safety grows, new and incredibly distinctive features are appearing that will offer crucial capabilities for operations in public safety and security. Agencies and end users will gain from having a “headless app” that protects those who serve with accurate vertical position and secure connectivity thanks to RadioIP’s natural partnership with NextNav (NN) and the integration of their Pinnacle solution and service into their ecosystem. Not only will agencies gain from this relationship, but also NN’s network of partners.


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