Digital Media Solutions Digital Media Solutions (DMS) Is Trading With Significant Gains In The Premarket Session) Is Trading With Significant Gains In The Premarket Session

A strategic offer has rocketed Digital Media Solutions Inc. (NYSE: DMS) 58.59% at $2.03 in pre-market trading hours. During the past 52 weeks, the company’s shares ranged between $1.50 and $7.850.

Is DMS getting a good offer?

A leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions, Digital Media Solutions (DMS) connects advertisers and consumers. In yesterday’s announcement, the company’s board of directors announced that DMS received an offer (the “Proposal”) for $2.50 per share to acquire all of its outstanding Class A common stock.

Prism Data, LLC, affiliated with Joseph Marinucci and Fernando Borghese, came up with the proposal. DMS said that keeping in mind its fiduciary duties, its Board of Directors will carefully review and consider the Proposal in consultation with its advisors.

A Recent Move:

The company recently signed a multi-year contract with Seekr, an internet technology, and content evaluation company. According to the agreement, DMS will assist Seekr with its global search advertising platform as well as sponsorships and advertising operations. The alliance will enable Seekr to expand its global reach and reach out to a broader audience by building out and monetizing new verticals.

The award-winning DMS toolset will help Seekr scale audience engagement across its platforms. Data from DMS’s first-party database, extensive media reach, and proprietary technology will be incorporated into the program. An omnichannel audience engagement campaign is currently underway at Seekr, and a monetization strategy is set to begin early in Q4.

As the foundation of the partnership, it aims to create a digital experience that delivers relevant messages to users at the right time, based on where they spend their time online. By integrating DMS’ e-commerce, insurance, consumer finance, e-commerce, and education solutions, Seekr may gain access to over 9,000 enterprises and SMB customers.

What does DMS have to offer?

Having a proven ability to innovate and expand, Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is the perfect partner for Seekr in terms of advertising needs. As a result of the partnership, Seekr Search data will be combined with DMS brand-direct and marketplace offerings to provide consumers with relevant advertisements, while reducing friction around the advertising process.

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