Top Weekly Losers in Crypto Market: MBL, BSW, CON, DFA, ADP


The last week did not merely bring up huge winners, but also significant losers in terms of price fall. To the forward-looking crypto-traders, these could be largely insightful in terms of devising trade strategy, and locating low points, where buying decisions could be initiated. In light of this, the losers from this week are discussed below:

MovieBloc (MBL) saw a hard plummet throughout this week, falling by over 25% within this timeframe. MBL’s sudden fall from $0.01776 to a low of $0.01316 was a major loss for its holders. This fall could not recover throughout the week, however, continued its decline amidst brief upward peaks that were swiftly reversed. MBL coin is one that aims to disintegrate the highly oligarchic nature of the film industry conglomerate by offering a decentralized alternative founded on blockchain technology.

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Biswap (BSW) was another coin that suffered along the falls of the prior week, with its fall amounting to 19.76% as of the writing of this newsletter, with the descent anticipated to continue. This wild descent follows after the coin exploded from $0.3581 to $1.0941, after which its descent reversed these gains. This unfortunate reversal has come at a major cost to its investors, that have rushed at selling it. BSW essentially acts as a decentralized exchange for BEP-20 tokens, that trade on the Binance Smart Chain.

Conun (CON) hit its 3-year high this month, following which it saw a wild plummet, causing a weekly loss of 46.14%. However, the fall still retains CON at a significantly higher level than before hitting its high-peak. The market continues to watch its trajectory with cautious anticipation. CON works under the objective of creating a horizontally distributing computing network, where idle computing power can be redirected towards high-performing assets.

DeFine (DFA) experienced a hard downward hit following its month-long persistent bullish rise. Its fall, which results in a 37% weekly price loss continues a freefall dive, pushing down the stock to an almost 2-month low to $1.1126. This comes as a disappointment for the NFT-centered coin, which aims bring a decentralized interactive platform which connects content creators and fans, along with other influencers through blockchain.

Adappter Token (ADP) has been experiencing a freefall dive for the last 10 days, immediately after peaking at its all-time high of $0.123. Ever since, the coin’s descent seems uninterrupted, with its loss for this week alone exceeding 56%. ADPP is a coin with large ambitions to ensure a blockchain based coexistence for businesses and individuals, with the ultimate aim of happiness maximization.


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