Top Weekly Crypto Gainers: ZIL, LRC, WAVES, CFX, DESO


With the start of this week, all eyes were on the crypto-markets, given the substantial gain both realized, as well as anticipated. With the recent developments within the blockchain circles, digital currencies are accelerating their push into the mainstream, and in this context, the following coins have proven as being the biggest gainers of the week:

Zilliqa (ZIL) gained big throughout this week, ballooning to over double in price, within a single week. Its take-off from $0.04506 to $0.1193 indicates the surging interest this coin represents within the wider crypto markets. Within this week, ZIL has ballooned by almost 127%. ZIL coin was developed in order to optimize networks and enhance their speed through the use of utilizing blockchain technology, which is sharding-focused.

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Loopring (LRC) was another big name amongst this week’s winners, with a growth of over 55%. The coin jumped up last week from $0.8093 to crossing the dollar mark onto $1.2134. The coin maintained this gain throughout the week, jumping to a 3-month high of $1.3434 today. The coin is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, which is focused on the development and facilitation of crypto-exchanges, worldwide.

Waves (WAVES) has undergone an explosive growth spurt late last night, pushing on to today, causing the coin to jump 62.82% in the last 24 hours alone. As a result, the digital currency shot up from $32 to its all-time high of $53.54, turning heads across the market. Its trade volume in the last day alone exceeded $4.5 million, which indicates the sheer hype surrounding this up-and-coming digital currency. Waves were launched back in 2016, with the aim of utilizing blockchain tools in order to support decentralized applications, along with smart contracts.

Conflux (CFX) sprung into action early this morning, by rocketing upwards of 20.29%. Its jump from $0.1538 to $0.2417 in a mere four-hour time frame emphasizes the abruptness of its take-off, taking the wider market by a storm. Earlier today, CFX achieved a peak, which was nearly a three-month high for the coin. Conflux is a coin designed to support markets and communities through transcending boundaries in the most sustainable manner possible, which is through blockchain systems.

Decentralized Social (DESO) took off today as a hurricane, reaching heights it had not done so as far back as October last year. Its rapid ascent from a $36.79 coin to one worth $98.48 had traders highly anticipating a break into the three-figure mark. The coin had been launched in 2019 to support decentralized social ecosystems whilst anchored to the Web 3.0 phenomenon.


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