Hot ICOs to Watch

ICOs present a unique opportunity for traders to cash in on the initial movement of newly launched cryptocurrencies. They further contribute to the overall digital currency market capitalization through the addition of further channel distribution, whilst adding additional crypto coins traded across exchanges.

Active ICOs

Bricken (BKN) is a platform that offers high potential in the blockchain realm, given its broader aims and promising approach. Aimed toward the tokenization of both businesses and assets, BKN enables investors to gain exposure to passive income through this project. With 98% of its token sale complete, the month-long ICO is set to close in the next 2 days.

Gravis Finance (GRVS) is another ICO closely watched by the market as a whole. With its innovative blockchain position of combining decentralized finance and the GMart NFT marketplace, GRVS promises to offer a unique blockchain service that could be crucial in the coming years. Having completed nearly 67% of its token sale, this ICO is set to cease within 6 hours.

Metafluence (METO) is an ICO that taps into substantial potential, by stepping into two areas of high-promise and growth potential, being the emerging metaverse industry, as its decentralized monetization through blockchain. Having raised $3 million, the offering is yet to raise $140,000 to meet its target, before ending in 18 hours.

Legion Network (LGX) has an ambitious goal of developing a ‘Super App’ that encompasses the wider blockchain ecosystem, and all its most useful services, in order to create ease of use, and remove barriers to the crypto-markets. The close date of the ICO is yet to be announced, with 18% of its $14.6 million targets being met.

Pax World (PAXW) is a high-promise player in the metaverse realm, with plans to launch its own, open metaverse for users, that offers a highly optimized experience, through its blockchain expertise. The project states it is “strategically designed” to enhance the metaverse experience, by overcoming crucial shortcomings other industry players are yet to address. The ICO currently has raised 93% of its $6.78 million targets, the close date of which is yet to be decided.

Upcoming ICOs

In addition to active ICOs, enthusiasts, and traders also have the opportunity to potentially be the first movers in ICOs that are yet to be initiated. Having the information of offerings yet to begin can be given investors useful time to research which coins hold the most opportunity and growth potential.

Ego (EGO) is an upcoming ICO that offers an innovative blockchain service, which is a decentralized social media platform, where users can potentially monetize their own communications. This would be aimed at influencers, celebrities, as well as blockchain experts and investors, allowing wider masses to buy access to these notable figures. Although the token sale is to start on 4 April, already $2.5 million of the targeted $4.25 million has been raised.

Gamium (GMM), the emerging blockchain service offers an invaluable experience within the metaverse context, offering a universal metaverse experience. By acting as a bridge to connect all metaverses, GMM offers compatibility and accessibility to assets within the entire metaverse spaces. Its token sale is yet to begin later today, despite already achieving 99% of its $2.81 million targets.

Mecha Morphing (MMC) expects to launch its offering later today, allowing investors the chance to gain exposure to the highly promising blockchain gaming realm. MMC is a concept of an ARPG game that is powered directly by the players themselves. This hype is reflected in the $2 million already being raised of the $2.4 million targets, before the initiation of the token sale.

AdaSwap (ASW) offers a highly promising platform through which NFT assets can be traded, and transactions relating to gamified DEX can be facilitated. The ICO aims to support the project’s strategic initiative in the Cardano space, whereby the decentralized finance ecosystem can flourish. The token sale is anticipated to initiate on the 4th of April, with $2.6 million of the $2.8 million targets already being met.

Creaton (CREATE) is an upcoming ICO that aims at building a web3-based content creation platform. Holders of the CREATE coin will earn through subscription income of fans, on a real-time basis, whilst offering full ownership rights of content to its creators. The content, which will be perpetually available, would be stored in a decentralized and encrypted form. The token sale is expected to start on the 4th of April, with $1.1 million already raised.

Ended ICOs

The following highly followed ICOs from this week have ended their token sales, and are now being traded in the secondary markets:

  • Itheum is a blockchain service, with its offering recently closed, upon meeting its token sale target of $3.5 million. The coin allows users, in its decentralized brokerage platform, to trade assets that derive their value from users’ personal data.
  • Penguin Karts is another recently launched player in the metaverse gaming sector. It offers three-dimensional battle races, in a platform that is fully incorporated into a blockchain-based system.
  • Fayre is a recently closed ICO that essentially offers an NFT club, linking creators to their fans through the use of loyalty mechanisms, each embedded within blockchain tools. This ICO closed on Friday, raising $7.25 million, out of its $10.05 million targets.
  • com is described as being a MetaFi coin, which holds exposure to both the centralized and decentralized ecosystems, founded on the Charism DeFi protocol and Crypterium CeFi solutions.
  • Wizardia is the latest entrant in the P2E (play to earn) blockchain gaming realm, which offers a unique experience in its AAA-quality RPG strategy game. Its token sale ended on Thursday last week, meeting its full target of $1.45 million.

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