Zillow Group, Inc. (ZG) stock is skyrocketing in aftermarket – What might be the reason?

Zillow Group, Inc. (ZG) experienced an increase of 15.59% in aftermarket following the announcement of the fourth quarter and full-year 2021 results. However, the last trading session closed at $47.86 with a decrease of 1.26%.

Fourth Quarter & Full Year Results 2021 by ZG – What’s up?

ZG announced fourth-quarter and full-year results 2021 on 10th February 2022. The company announced that the revenue of fourth-quarter and full-year came out to be $3.9 billion and $8.1 billion. Moreover, GAAP net loss for the fourth quarter was $261 million whereas the net loss for full-year reported was around $528 million. Furthermore, higher IMT margins and lower inventory losses in the homes business drove the Q4 consolidated performance.

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Not only this but, the IMT segment’s Adjusted EBITDA margin increased to 45% in 2020, 38% more than that of 2020, which drove the full-year performance. In Q4, 198 million average monthly unique users visited Zillow Group’s mobile apps and websites, a 2% year-over-year increase, resulting in 2.3 billion visits. Lastly, the total number of visits in the year 2021 was 10.2 billion, more than 6% from the year before.

What’s Next?

Zillow has a strong financial foundation and a primary IMT business that is now profitable at all-time highs. Moreover, due to the top audience, brand, partner network, and R&D leadership, the company has significant untapped investment opportunities. Furthermore, the company estimated that about a quarter of all purchasers in the United States contacted Zillow throughout their purchasing process in 2021, but ZG has only made money on about 3% of all sales.

In addition, by providing an organized method of tech-enabled options on the ‘housing super app’ alongside the fantastic partners, the company is making significant investments in technologies that benefit both buyers and sellers. Last but not the least, the team knows that millions of movers start their search on Zillow. Thus, they intend to be there for them at every step of the way in the future.

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