Find out which best lithium stocks can take your finances to the next level

It is lithium that is used in the production of rechargeable batteries as a key ingredient. There are many portable devices containing lithium batteries, such as smartphones and tablets. As a battery material, lithium is used by many industries, including the automotive industry. Investing in the best lithium stocks can therefore be very profitable.

As the primary component in most commercial batteries, lithium compounds account for about 70% of lithium production in the United States, according to the US Geological Survey.

Recent years have seen a growing interest in green energy. By 2030, 80% of the electricity generated in the United States will be powered by renewable resources, according to U.S. President Biden. In this way, lithium-producing companies and mines will grow, thereby enabling the best lithium stocks to flourish.

Best Lithium Companies to Invest

Lithium Americas Corp

Lithium Americas Corp.(LAC) shares plummeted during Thursday’s trading session, losing -$0.58 to see the stock exchange hands at $28.78 per unit. At the moment, the company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.34. Following the trades, the stock’s 52-week low price has moved to $11.84 with the lac share now at $41.56 for its 52-weeks high.

Lithium Americas Corp. (NYSE: lac) share prices have increased by 13.84% over the past week, but are down -12.81% in the last quarter. Going further back, the stock’s price has gone over 50.29% over the last 6 months but is down -1.17% in year-to-date trading. While the people who are finding the best lithium stocks to invest in have started looking at (LAC).

The Piedmont Lithium Inc

The Piedmont Lithium Inc. (PLL) went down by -2.00% in Thursday’s trading session, a fall equivalent to -$1.02 from the previous market close price. The lowest point that the shares touched during the trading session were $49.10, while the peak of the day was recorded at a share price of $52.11. PLL finished the previous session at $50.96 according to the data provided by Barchart, while the trading volume was observed to be 0.2 million. These stats prove it that it might be worthy to be among the best lithium stocks to invest in.

In terms of its performance, PLL is down -15.08% over the past year, and it is up 10.00% over the last week. The stock’s price index is -8.18% lower over one month and -14.40% lower over three months. It is showing a -23.38% return in the past six months.

Standard Lithium Ltd

With over 2.11 million Standard Lithium Ltd. (SLI) shares trading Thursday and a closing price of $6.62 on the day, the dollar volume was approximately 2.11 million. The shares have shown a positive weekly performance of 25.14% and its price on 02/10/22 lost nearly -3.07%. Currently, there are 143.40M common shares owned by the public and among those 128.68M shares have been available to trade.

SLI stock gained 25.14% during the last week and fell -20.14% over the last one-month period. Shares of this company’s stock fell -33.06% throughout the last quarter. Within the last six months, the stock has decreased -by 14.91%, with a full-year gain of 104.95%. At the time of writing, this stock’s year-to-date (YTD) price performance is now negative at -32.52%.

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