Alfi Inc. (ALF) stock rises during pre-market trading. Here’s the update:


Alfi Inc. (NASDAQ: ALF) stock declined by 9.04% at last close whereas the ALF stock-price surges by 4.48% in the pre-market trading session. Alfi develops solutions that increase openness and accountability in the digital out-of-home advertising industry. Alfi has been working on its artificial intelligence online platform since 2018, with the goal of delivering tailored advertising in a responsible and confidential manner.

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What’s happening with ALF stock?

On June 15 of this year, Alfi, an AI enterprise SaaS platform business, revealed that it had reached a deal with All-Niter for the completion, staging, and distribution of the first 10,000 digital tablets to Uber and Lyft drivers in 14 cities across the US.

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Alfi has increased its tablet deployment plan since the first All-Niter release in June to accommodate its integration with Programmatic Advertising Platforms. Alfi’s needs have risen to the point that All-Niter has had to expand its capabilities to meet the new Alfi standards.

Mario Radillo, the president of All-Niter, stated,

To keep up with Alfi’s rapid growth, they’ve installed 48 new 3D printers and moved into an extra 5000 square feet of manufacturing, staging, and logistical space. All-Niter has also added a second shift, necessitating the hiring of eight more qualified workers.

All-Niter is presently seeking for more space in order to continue expanding, according to Mario. They know Alfi has purchased a large number of tablets to put into production over the next year, and they want to be ahead of the anticipated rise in weekly manufacturing requirements.

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Paul Pereira CEO stated,

Alfi has found All-Niter to be the ideal fabrication and logistics partner. They are ready to work with them to fulfill their needs, and they aren’t scared to expand to do so. As a consequence, Alfi is now distributing privacy-focused, AI-powered tablets to Uber and Lyft drivers in 14 locations.


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