INmune Bio Inc. (INMB) stock gains during after-hour trading. Here’s to why?

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INmune Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: INMB) stock declined by 4.13% at last close whereas the INMB stock price surges by 7.03% in the after-hours trading session. INmune Bio, Inc. is a publicly listed biotechnology firm focusing on creating disease-fighting medicines that address the innate immune system.

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INMB stock’ Significant Development

INmune Bio recently revealed that the first patient who got INKmune as a possible therapy for high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome demonstrated the NK activation and functional differentiation expected by prior in vitro tests. INKmune is a pharmaceutical-grade, replication-incompetent human tumor cell line that binds to resting NK cells and provides numerous, critical priming signals, similar to a blend of at least three cytokines.

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To move from a resting state to the activation of cytolysis and cytokine release, NK cells require several activating cues. INmune Bio has carefully researched these pathways and found that attaching INKmune to NK cells sends out numerous activation signals, causing resting NK cells to morph into memory-like NK cells with improved cancer-killing abilities. INMB claims that this is the first generation of mlNK cells in patients.


The production of mlNK cells may be done in vivo and without harm, according to preliminary results from the first patient. On days one, eight, and fifteen, INKmune was given in three doses. INKmune treatment causes NK cell multiplication, with the amount of peripheral blood NK cells doubling on day 8. On days eight and 15, over 50% of the expanded NK cells exhibited an active profile (CD69+/CD25+), which rose to over 70% by day 29. More than 80% of stimulated NK cells (CD57++, NKG2D+, NKG2A-ve, NKp46-ve) displayed markers linked with memory-like NK cells.

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In vitro, INKmune stimulated NK cells outperformed the patient’s own NK cells in treating cancer, with an 82 percent increase in lysis of K562 leukemia cells and a 47 percent rise in lysis of NK-resistant RAJI lymphoma cell tumor cells as early as day eight. Despite the large number of activated NK cells and tumor destruction, the patient did not display any signs of Cytokine Release Syndrome.


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