Aehr Test Systems Inc. (AEHR) stock rises during current market trading session. Why is it so?

Aehr Test Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: AEHR) stock gains by 11.92% in the current market trading. Aehr Test Systems, based in Fremont, California, is a global provider of test units for burning-in and testing logic, photonic, and memory integrated circuits, with over 2,500 systems deployed globally.

What’s happening with AEHR stock?

Aehr Test Systems stated that its primary silicon carbide test and the burn-in customer has placed orders for several WaferPak Contactors and a FOX WaferPak Aligner totaling $3.0 million to satisfy their expanded production capacity demands for power semiconductors for the electric vehicle industry. This client is a Fortune 500 semiconductor device provider with a sizable customer base in the automotive semiconductor industry. To support the already ordered FOX-XP systems announced last month, these WaferPaks and the WaferPak Aligner are anticipated to delivery within the next six months.

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Gayn Erickson, President, and CEO of Aehr Test Systems, stated,

These follow-on orders for extra WaferPaks and an Aehr WaferPak Aligner demonstrate their commitment to providing this main customer with the large production solution required to satisfy the critical quality and reliability demands of electric vehicle power conversion and electronic engine controllers.


The most of the WaferPaks in these orders will be used to evaluate yet another product that has been certified by an Electric Vehicle manufacturer and is now in manufacturing. In the qualification of a new electric vehicle device, however, only a few WaferPaks are being used. Their silicon carbide-focused FOX-XP systems, which are built to test eighteen silicon carbide wafers in simultaneously in the size of a conventional single wafer test solution, employ Aehr’s patented WaferPaks. The Aehr FOX WaferPak Aligner optically aligns client wafers in our WaferPaks so that all of the devices on the wafer are contacted.

Aehr offers a one-of-a-kind, completely integrated solution that comprises test equipment, WaferPak Contactors, and WaferPak Aligners for entire wafer wafers. These WaferPak Aligners can not only test silicon carbide wafers with diameters of 100mm and 150mm, but also the upcoming 200mm wafers that will be released in the next years.

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