Anixa Biosciences Inc. (ANIX) stock rises during current market trading. Here’s the update

SYRS Stock
SYRS Stock

Anixa Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: ANIX) stock gained by 6.81% in the current market trading session. Anixa is a publicly listed biotechnology firm that is working on a range of cancer and infectious disease initiatives.

ANIX stock, Current Development

Anixa Biosciences said today that a genetic variation study suggests that its prospective medicines may be even more powerful against the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 than the first wild type. While immunization has proved to be a successful method of preventing Covid-19, there is still a need for low-cost, room-temperature stable, and orally accessible COVID-19 therapies. The huge number of people who have chosen to remain unvaccinated, the difficulties and price of transporting vaccinations throughout the world, the loss in efficacy shown for some variations, and the projected need for booster injections owing to fading immunity are all reasons for this requirement.

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Anixa’s program, which is being carried out in conjunction with European partner MolGenie, aims to find new small chemical inhibitors of Mpro, the virus’s primary protease. The present chemicals that Anixa is developing and testing have shown to be capable of inhibiting the activity of this protein, which is required for the virus to reproduce.


Anixa looked into the matching Mpro enzyme alterations in the Delta version to see whether the drugs they’re developing could be effective against it. While mutations in the spike protein do not always result in changes in other functional proteins like Mpro, Anixa’s research and published studies show that the Delta variation has a critical mutation in Mpro. The Mpro enzyme frequently contains a mutation that substitutes an asparagine with leucine at position 142, near the binding site, according to sequence analysis of numerous Delta variant samples. Mpro’s binding pocket becomes more hydrophobic as a result of this alteration. Mpro’s binding pocket becomes more hydrophobic as a result of this alteration. The study shows that Anixa’s new chemicals will be greater inhibitors of the variant Mpro than the wild-type Mpro as a result of this alteration.


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