Bio-Path Holdings Inc. (BPTH) stock shows a high-rise during current market trading. Here’s to why?

Bio-Path Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: BPTH) stock surges by 39.72% in the current market trading. Bio-Path is a biotechnology firm working on DNAbilize, a new technique that has resulted in a pipeline of RNAi nanoparticle medicines that may be given by intravenous transfusion.

BPTH stock’ Significant Development

The US Food and Drug Administration has evaluated and approved Bio-Path Holdings’ Investigational New Drug registration for BP1002 (liposomal Bcl-2). This is the company’s second medication candidate, and it will be tested in Phase 1/ 1b clinical study to see if it can treat refractory/relapsed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) patients.

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BP1002 may be able to overcome and inhibit some of the processes of venetoclax resistance by targeting Bcl-2 at the DNA level rather than the protein level. Venetoclax is the current quality of practice for individuals with AML who are not candidates for aggressive chemotherapy.

Several top cancer hospitals in the United States are expected to participate in the Phase 1/1b clinical study, including Cornell University’s Weill Medical College, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the Georgia Cancer Center.  BP1002 monotherapy will be administered to a total of six evaluable patients in a conventional 3+3 design, with a starting dosage of 20 mg/m2. Two doses each week for four weeks, for a total of eight doses delivered over twenty-eight days, is the authorized treatment cycle. Following the conclusion of the BP1002 monotherapy cohorts, the Phase 1b component of the trial will examine the safety and effectiveness of BP1002 in conjunction with decitabine in refractory/relapsed AML patients.

Peter Nielsen, President, and CEO of Bio-Path Holdings commented,

Patients with AML who fail frontline venetoclax-based treatment have a dismal prognosis, with a median overall survival of less than three months, and a new therapeutic option is desperately needed. The combination of BP1002 and decitabine appears to be effective against venetoclax-resistant cell lines in preclinical trials. It also shows that individuals who have relapsed after venetoclax-based medication may benefit from the BP1002 and decitabine standard treatment.

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