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Virios Therapeutics Inc. (VIRI) stock fell during current market. What’s behind this?

Virios Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: VIRI) stock price plunged by 1.46% in the current market trading session. Virios Therapeutics is a medical biotechnology firm focusing on developing new, dual-mechanism antiviral medicines to address diseases like fibromyalgia that are initiated or sustained by viruses.

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VIRI stock Recent Update

Virios Therapeutics stated that all 41 sites where the company’s current 460-patient Phase 2b fibromyalgia study is taking place, have been launched and are already recruiting patients. This experiment builds on the positive outcomes of the firm’s earlier IMC-1 phase 2a FM clinical trial. VIRI’s principal antiviral study candidate, orally given IMC-1, attained its primary goal of relieving pain and was significantly better accepted than placebo in the 143-patient Phase 2a study.

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IMC-1 is a new antiviral treatment that combines famciclovir and celecoxib in a fixed dosage formulation. This dual-mechanism antiviral treatment is intended to inhibit Herpes Simplex Virus-1 activation and replication in a synergistic manner. HSV-1-related immunological responses can act as a trigger for symptoms linked with FM, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and fatigue-related diseases. Clinical and molecular evidence support this theory, with the latter indicating that HSV-1 is actively reproducing in the tissue of individuals with FM and chronic GI illnesses like IBS.

Dr. R. Michael Gendreau, VIRI Stock Chief Medical Officer commented,

They are delighted to report that patient enrollment in their FORTRESS trial is progressing as expected, and that all of the locations are now able to accept new patients. Data from their previous clinical study has recently been discussed at a number of medical conferences. These findings reveal that in the Phase 2a FM study, patients who received IMC1 saw significantly higher improvement on the Revised Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire overall score, as well as on all three FIQR categories. Furthermore, statistical significance was found in the patient’s overall sense of change.

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In addition, IMC-1 therapy was shown to be extremely well accepted in this research. These secondary endpoint findings, along with great tolerability, imply that IMC1 might be a potential therapy option not just for pain relief, but also for reducing stiffness, sleep quality, sadness, anxiety, and tiredness, all of which are common symptoms of FM.

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