Bridgeline Digital Inc. (BLIN) stock soars during current market trading. Here’s what you should know?


Bridgeline Digital Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN) stock gains by 48.09% in the current market trading session. Bridgeline’s Unbound cloud-based marketing platform and a suite of applications help businesses increase online income by improving traffic, conversion rates, and average order values.

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What is happening?

A government agency in Singapore has entered a three-year partnership with Hawksearch to enhance its digital experience, according to Bridgeline Digital.

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The agency collects taxes that account for around 70% of the government’s operational revenue as the government’s principal tax administrator. This contributes to Singapore’s economic and social goals of achieving high-quality growth and diverse society. Now that the agency and its collaborators are working on a new website, Hawksearch was chosen to deliver relevant and customized searches to all site users.

Hawksearch is a market-leading site search and recommendation platform with a sophisticated dashboard and a diverse set of eCommerce applications. Hawksearch may now collaborate with other companies and government agencies on a worldwide scale thanks to this three-year agreement.

Also previously reported,

The number of footwear manufacturers who trust Celebros Search is increasing, according to Bridgeline Digital. The multinational footwear brand, which has been in operation since 1908, is known for its distinctive high-tops. In fact, after a basketball player complained of aching feet, they created their renowned basketball shoe in 1917. The company operates online stores all throughout the world, and the Indonesian branch selected Celebros to improve their online experience.

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Celebros was able to demonstrate its worth on other sportswear websites under the same parent company’s umbrella. They were pleased by Celebros’ power to enhance traffic, conversions, and average order value on its other platforms, and wanted to explore what might be improved for this footwear business.


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