Nano (NANO): Natrium Now has over 50K+ monthly active users on the wallet

Nano’s wallet crossed over 125K downloads on both Android and iOS combined.

Nano (NANO) has made a strong growth in the past month with the Bitcoin sustaining its bullish run. The market seems to have shown much resistance to sustain the bull run this time around compared to that of a couple of years ago.

Nano had an interesting end to 2020 and transition into 2021 with many changes across its ecosystem. The crypto asset has been quite busy in the development of its V22 of the Nano node.

What’s Next?

Recently, Nano reported that Natrium surpassed 50K+ monthly active users on its platform.Natrium is a fast, robust, and secure wallet for the NANO cryptocurrency. Nano’s wallet has seen a good response from users at the download surpass 100K on Android and 25K on iOS. Users have left some impeccable reviews with a 4.8-5 star user rating. This is a great achievement that will help Natrium establish itself in the future.

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For Nano users, Natrium offers a better experience and with more users joining the platform, it seems that things are working well. Natrium has been up and running for 2.5+ years at this point and the primary objective is to keep supporting it regardless of the “business” side of things. The fact that Natrium is completely free and has a permissive MIT license.

Moreover, Nano has highlighted that the two investors part of the 465 Digital Investments have introduced themselves to the Nano network. George and Colincame to Xenfin with the very early idea of using nano in an FX pipeline and since then they have been watching nano with interest. Nano tweeted:

“Catch up with 465 Digital Investments, early investors in Revolut & Deliveroo as they introduce themselves to the nano community, along with an update on the incredible $NANO projects in the pipeline.”

The next step of the two investors is to integrate Nano into Neo and use it as payment rails for countries where payments are inefficient and expensive. Nano has become a major part of 465 Digital Investmentsproject and has helped them solve a few major issues, time for finality, and cost.

Apart from this, the digital asset network is working on V22 of the Nano node.Over the past months, there have been shifts in the priorities for the release, which are now reflected in the Roadmap.

Some of the key features that’ll be part of the V22 upon upgrading include experimental ledger pruning and RocksDB as a production-ready database option. With several Pull Requests, Nano has fixed bugs and made major improvements to the node.


Nano (NANO) stands at the center stage of development in the crypto market. The adoption of Nano is growing swiftly, which is a good sign going into the long-term.

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