What happened to the Technical Communications Company (TCCO) stock in the morning?

Technical Communications Company (TCCO) shares plunged more 15% to 4.86 in the pre-market todayas the company posted earnings for the fiscal year ended September 26, 2020. The Organization announced a net loss of$(911,000) or$(0.49) per share for the year ended September26,2020, on revenue of$4,108,000, compared with net profits of$631,000, or $0.34 per share, on revenue of $7,024,000 for the year ended September28, 2019.

In a quarterly earnings update, Mr. Carl Guild, Jr., clarified that disruptions in the execution of critical programmes to the business are already happening because of continuing pandemic outbreaks. TCC and our partners have used visual messaging to drive initiatives forward. We also noted that some countries have started to deregulate, and TCC is planning to extend its market development soon as it is permitted and willing.

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TCC will continue to consider federal loans and grants eligible for small businesses. TCC is taking devoted effort to remain prepared to tackle economic challenges in the coming fiscal years.

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