Restaurant Stocks You Should Be Considering

The restaurant industry already has a hard time as nearly 60 per cent new businesses fail within their first year. But this was a particularly difficult year for restaurant owners because of the pandemic which forced multiple restaurants to shut down due to lock down restrictions. And for restaurants which remained open, even they did not face the usual customer traffic as many people were fearful of having to dine out during the pandemic. But as the world is setting up to reopen in the next year, certain restaurants are set to make a rebound while those which did well in the pandemic are set to make a profit.

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Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE: DPZ)

Domino’s Pizza‎ (DPZ) knowledge of its potential growth in the market has led to it having hired more than 1000 new staff in Chicago’s 100 stores. This means that Domino’s is aware of the customers it serves. It conveyed strong second-quarter earnings at $2.99 per share with its domestic sales rising by 16.1 per cent and its revenue saw a 13.4 per cent increase year over year. Domino’s also profited from a strong ticket boost internationally and growth in 106 consecutive quarters depicts Domino’s as a strong stock to invest in.

During this year, DPZ lost nearly 15 per cent and after that it made some recovery as take-out and delivery options were permitted even in lockdown situations. In the United States, same store sales went up by 17 per cent during the third quarter and internationally, they went up by 6 per cent. This marked it as its 107th consecutive quarter of growth and more than 26 years of expansion.

Mcdonald’s Corp (NYSE: MCD)

McDonald’s ‎(MCD)‎ is the biggest restaurant according to market cap and it is also one of the biggest restaurant chains with the most locations in the entire world. While McDonald’s has not done the best it would have this year, in the presence of the virus, it has used its strengths to its advantage. MCD balance sheet seems to be faring better than that of most as its income is still more than its interest expenses, administrative costs, and capital expenditures.

Drive-thru windows have always been a quick way of getting meals at fast food chains but this year they played a far more important role due to social restrictions and dine in options being closed. For McDonald’s personally, its drive thru window amounted for nearly 90 per cent of its sales in the second quarter and has helped in pushing its stock up by 8 per cent since the start of this year. Other than that, McDonald’s also filed for a $1 billion borrowing with banks which will help it in securing its financial position if the pandemic turns for the worst.

Starbucks Corporation(NASDAQ: SBUX)

Since the pandemic struck this year, Starbucks (SBUX) trading range has been stuck between 70$ and 75$ but business had started picking up earlier internationally where lockdown eased earlier, such as in China. At this moment analysts have the SBUX stock at an average price of $81.45 and in revenue investors might propose a 5.3 per cent compounded annual growth rate.

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And once the world economy reopens next year after the vaccine, it is expected that loyal customer will flock to Starbucks once again. While coffee demand has lowered significantly this year with most people being home, premium Starbucks products are still expected to bring people back and certain SOPs will be implemented to ensure the virus does not spread. The stock for Starbucks actually went up by 10 per cent this year and it expects to end the year with a better final quarter with the sales being up by 18 per cent next year.

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