Stay-at-Home Stocks Still A Healthy Investment?

The future of stay-at-home stocks raises questions with vaccine for Covid-19 just around the corner. And while the vaccine won’t eradicate the virus globally overnight, it still raises questions about whether investors should still look for stay-at-home stocks to invest in or not. Even during the pandemic, there have been certain stocks which have been on the rise since the global pandemic started. Some of the stay-at-home stocks worth having a look at are:

Zoom Video Communications Inc (NASDAQ: ZM)

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Zoom Video Communication (ZM) has been a favourite for platform for many during the pandemic and it is not a surprise that its stocks have among the best stay-at-home stocks this year. Millions of new users have flocked to Zoom and it is also expected that ZM stock might get a place in the S&P 500. This video conferencing platform’s revenue grew by 270 per cent in comparison to the previous year up until July.

 And for its premium members, ZM also offers packages which include the abilities such as limitless meetings with more people and access to its cloud services. And while the vaccine is near, it does not mean that world will resume all normal activities prior to the pandemic next year which means a lot companies will still have their employees working from home. Revenues for Zoom rose up by 367 per cent year over year with its total revenue being $777.2 million for the third quarter.

Teladoc Health Inc (NYSE: TDOC)

Teladoc Health, Inc. (TDOC) is a multinational telemedicine and virtual healthcare company which basically provided telehealth, licensable platform services, and medial opinions. It is also the largest telemedicine company on the US stock exchange. And while the vaccine is soon to be available, it will take time before every individual is vaccinated and until then a large population of the people will continue to rely on the services of Teladoc. It is even expected that the full year revenue of Teladoc will rise to $1 billion this year and revenues have sped up with an annualized rate of 75 per cent this year.

The number of people using Teladoc’s services went up as the year went by and its revenue in the third quarter rose by 20 per cent from the previous quarter at $288.8 million. And since TDOC merged with Livongo at the end of October, together the two companies will now provide a broader range of options for their patients since there is only a 25 per cent over lap in their patients.


Roku Inc.(ROKU), has also profited from the pandemic with its company providing an easy form of entertainment to variety of people staying at home. Roku helps by providing online subscriptions of online video games and streams which people can then watch from multiple screens. Its sales have jumped by 73 per cent year over year in the third quarter with $452 million. The number of hours streamed on Roku also increased from 14.6 billion in the second quarter to 14.8 billion in the third quarter.

And even when the lock down restriction were not as rigid as they are now, Roku’s stocks kept rising as it reported an operating income in the third quarter as well. In comparison to last year, Roku’s revenue increased by 78 per cent and its gross market grew 4 per cent from its previous quarter.

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