Here’s is the reason why Evolving Systems (EVOL) tossed up after the market close Friday

On Friday After-hours trading, shares of Evolving Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: EVOL) traded higher 17.2% to reach $2.2. The closing price of EVOL’s stock on Friday was $1.88 before it opened at $2.07.

While no news has been released from the company, momentum began building last week following the announcement of December 7, 2020, when the Company predicted that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) would face a challenging but potentially productive year in 2021.

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In the next twelve months, Evolving Systems expects several pressing issues to be at the forefront of industry strategy. Among them are the following.

Telecoms will continue to evolve rapidly both despite and as a result of the pandemic:

Ultimately, 5G will continue to roll out with end-users benefiting from more reliable high-speed Internet access. At the same time, operators increase their bandwidth capacity to enable them to take larger market shares or offer new services to attract new subscribers.

There will be a renewed focus on how to leverage customer trust. Data intimacy, which has yet to be won, can unlock many possibilities, from digital identity to optimized operations.

With the integration of customer data provided by AI, the customer experience can be improved quantum leap forward, thanks to data-driven targeting and personalization.

As the trend towards commoditization of connectivity continues, the video will act as the main differentiator, fueled mostly by AI-driven customization. With the ‘reaggregation’ of streaming offerings, pioneered by Amazon and Roku, video streaming will continue to grow explosively.

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