Nestle introduces insect protein in Purina pet food range

The world’s biggest food group, Nestle is going to use more environmentallysustainable protein sources and launching a line of pet food using insects as protein through its Purina brand.

As more and more people looking for eco-friendly or allergen-free diets for their pets, Nestle is facing more competition with smaller brands Yora and Green Pet food’s InsectDog.

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Bernard Meunier, head of Purina in Europe said that the company is facing increasing demand for diversified sources of proteins for pet food products. He further said that the company is looking for more new sources to get protein due to decreasing meat consumption in Europe and limited planetary sources.

The Purina Beyond Nature’s Protein line will be available in two varieties for dogs and cats, one using chicken, fava beans and protein from black soldier fly larvae, and one using chicken, pig’s liver and millet. Next year it will be rollouts in more markets but at the moment It will be available at Swiss retailer Coop which also sells insect-based snacks and burgers for human consumption.

Meunier said that the people are now more attached to their pets and the current pandemic has strengthened the bond between people and their pets. People are looking for more top-quality food for their pets which has increased the pet food demand and leading to market share gains for Purina.

Nestle’s fastest-growing business is pet care unit which had sales of $14.96 billion last year. According to the company, the company is now ore focusing on organic growth after buying the UK petfood brand Lily’s kitchen in April to take more market share in Europe

The British Veterinary Association also welcomed the new insect-based pet food.

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