Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) Merger Deal To Get Benefit Of Btab’s Acquisition Strategies

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EBIX Stock

Moxian, Inc. (MOXC) is a provider of Internet media marketing and offline-to-online (O2O) social media services. The company entered into a definitive agreement with Btab Group Inc signed on August 27 for a proposed merger partnership. The company recently announced that Btab has been offering 10,000 small businesses with 10,000 online storefronts. It would not charge any set up fee and provide small business owners to complete fulfillment of their offerings around the world.

Btab collaborates with manufacturers to supply several types of products and will provide fulfillment services for fast shipping destined to the entrepreneur’s country of origin. With its extensive product listing and diversified entrepreneurs available in its network, Btab offers product sellers with a unique structure of profit sharing.

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Btab has been offering economic incentive to encourage small businesses during the challenging economic environment hardly hit by the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. The under pressured small business owners and budding entrepreneurs have to pay no set up fee at Btab. This will benefit them to have a direct access to lines which they did not have before and that too without paying any charges. They will now be able to give and obtain direct cost from manufacturers which are advantages related to the cost of the product large businesses have already been availing.

Under the agreement previously announced by the companies, Moxian and Btab joined hands to acquire a food processing company in India. The target company has been generating nearly $15 million in annual revenue and enjoys a customer base that is rapidly expanding not only in the home country but also throughout Asia.

Btab was intending exploring many acquisition opportunities and the acquisition in partnership with Moxian would be its first it has been completing. This as well as future acquisitions will not only make global supply chain of the Btab stronger but will also be adding greater value to the company proposed merger with Moxian.