Retirees: they extend until August the suspension of the survival certificate

The ANSeS again suspended the process of updating the faith of life or survival certificate by retirees and pensioners and beneficiaries of Non-Contributory Pensions during July and August, according to Resolution No. 234 published in the Official Gazette.

This is the third extension. Initially, the exception was set for the months of March and April, then it was extended to May and June and now for another 2 months.

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The measure encompasses 7.5 million people: 6 million retirees and pensioners, including those who receive the PUAM (Universal Benefit for the Elderly) and 1.5 million beneficiaries of non-contributory pensions. Almost all of them are people who are part of the sector of the population most vulnerable to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

What happens is that the process of “faith of life” personally is a requirement to collect current assets. The extension aims to prevent the beneficiaries of the system from crowding into bank branches. However, some banks justify the faith of life through the use of the credit card, which requires the identification and signature of the buyer, or other modalities.

The Resolution of the pension body clarifies that the paying entities retain the responsibility of rendering the funds after the death of the beneficiary as unpaid, within the framework of the current operations, from the notification of the novelty of death, when this occurs in the months from March to August 2020 ”.

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